Thursday, October 29, 2009

Free Consultation

Most of the white collar hates Monday. They claimed that Monday is always “BLUES”. For me, i feel “BLUES” when i received nonsense calls from alamakians!

Since yesterday, i was so blues. The whole day keep on answering calls with no appointment. I was wondering may be they checking for the price, end up they choose the most CHEAPEST treatment fees in Singapore?

I never know that “Free Consultation” is ALIVE in Singapore. From my point of view, i believed that there is “nothing is free” in Singapore. Live for the reality. I get bored with those people who ask for free consultation.

I received one call from a lady who doesn’t want to pay for the consultation and X-ray. She told me that she wanted to find the lower charges for wisdom tooth surgery. When i told her that dentist needs to see the x-ray before give her the quote. She said “actually the my sister wants to do wisdom tooth surgery. But she is busy with her work. Can i bring over the X-ray show to the dentist with paying any consultation fees?” “Anyway you have to pay for the consultation fee,” I told her. “I need to check with my sister. I will call back later” she replied. I knew she won’t call back, because she doesn’t want to pay any single cent. She was trying to find F.O.C consultation.

*Her sister is so busy with her work, do you she has time to go for the surgery? Unless she is in pain condition.*