Friday, October 30, 2009

SHUT UP! You're so annoying!

I still can remember clearly that our patient's husband blamed me late for work.

That was Monday. I was early reached clinic that morning, exactly 9.10am i reached.

When i squated, trying to unlocked the door, i heard he said:" Wah! A neh wua jia kui meng!..." He spoke to his wife in Hokkien. I felt so annoying, but i just kept quiet. Once i unlocked the door, i told his wife, "please go in and take a sit. Doctor will be coming in at 10am. Next time may be you can called up to book appointment in adbance, so that you no need to stand for so long to wait at outside. Somemore we are open at 10am."

I guess only blind people cant see that WE ARE OPEN AT 10am!!! I did't late, i was not only on time, i was early 20 mins than working time. She was politely replied me "it's ok. I called yu0 yesterday. But no one answered the phone."

I nearly vomit blood when i heard that. Yesterday was Sunday. Who is working on Sunday? I felt so helpless. I didn't bother about them after that until my boss came in.

Who can understand my feeling?

Teach me what should i do?