Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Pandas

Chinese President Hu Jin Tao announced yesterday at an Istana state banquet that a pair of giant pandas will be delivered to Singapore by 2011. This is to mark that the next year's 20th anniversary of bilateral relations. How i wish if the giant pandas can be staying in clinic, work together with me, no one will come to bite Orange!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't ever lie...

Does anyone tell you that your nose will get bigger when you lie? I guess you heard this when you're still a kid. Your parents or teachers doesn't want you to tell lie to them. Well, i think even if you tell lie, you're safe. The only character in history to have this happen was Pinnochio, the wooden puppet. It only happens to wooden boys like Pinocchio.

Anyway, use Pinocchio the main point in your life - Not to tell lie to people or not to be a liar. Do you know that bad things happen when you lie?

I hope he will be fine after he tell lie to us. He, the indonesia business man came to visit us with his wife. He told us that he is not gonna stay in Singapore for a long period. He said "tomorrow i will fly off, i seldom stay Singapore. I am always OVERSEA". I thought i will only see him after few months. Who knows the next two days, he called up and make appointment with us. He claimed that he feel sensitive with his tooth. Oh okay! I got it. Another liar patients who loves to say they are oversea.

An insufficient justification is unacceptable. We have quite a number of patients who cannot missed the appointment. Their reasons are always the same, for example, [Sorry, I don't think i can make it. I am going to oversea.] or [Oh my god! I am so sorry about that. I am at oversea now. I have forgotten to inform you. I will call back when i go back to Singapore.] How many of them is really out station?

Last but not least, i hope that you don't ever lie; someone will eventually find out the truth!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Educated and Rich man

Shall we provide these entertainment for our surgery patients? Yes, i think we shall IF they will say YES to us after the consultation. How many of them won't say THAT'S EXPENSIVE? If they say "ok, i will do it."

Anyway, our clinic don't provide these kind of service at all. If you want, please bring it along on your surgery day.

A RICH and EDUCATED man who scolded me on that morning. I remembered clearly that i told him "if you do any treatment in our clinic, we won't charge you any consultation fees". I thought he would understand my simple and broken english.

After he consulted the dentist, i told him "sir, it's $50 for your consultation." He starting to @#$%^&* to me. He scolded a lot of nonsense, i only can remember that he said "for me, $50 is just like a peanut! But i won't pay for it, because you told me that it's free consultation."

Wah!!! Since when i told him is "FREE"??? "If you do any treatment in our clinic, we won't charge you any consultation fees" doesn't mean IT'S FREE, am i right? Somemore he didn't do any treatment in our clinic, so of course we will charge for consultation fee. He was very angry. He said will ask lawyer to sue me due to i told him wrong information.

At that moment, i feel so innocent. I did nothing wrong. Is my english problems? Or the information i gave him is not clear enough?

After he @#$%^&*, he left clinic.

Well, that's the difference in between EDUCATED him and UNEDUCATED me! I think this is TOO MUCH for me!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Again again and AGAIN!

Everyone know that taxi provided door-to-door service which is called "through telephone booking".

I guess there must be a number of customers that has been given those unlucky taxi drivers "an empty cheque". "An empty cheque" means pang pui ki. That's the main reason to let taxi driver get made.

Shall we have something like appointment booking system by internet? Which means that once you online book for the appointment, you'll have to pay for certain amount. When you visit us on that day, we will do a refundable for you.
Come to my work, what are the promises in between us and patients?

For patient, i think the most important is to see the good results. But for us, we only requested to those who have made appointment with us, please turn up. If you cant make it, please call up to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Please do not play M.I.A (missing in action) with us. Please be honest to us that you cant make it. Please... don't play fool with us.

Talk to me

Why do you need to see dentist? 70% of them are coming for regular checkup. Wow! We really have a lot of good patients. Oh well, another 30% of them are having problems with their teeth.

Let's talk about the 30% patients. When dentist quoted them a price, most of them are always in "hestitation mood". Why? They are giving excuses such as i will give you a call when i am ready, i need to check my schedule first, i want to ask around first, i have to ask my husband / wife / mother / father first, i have to consider and so on. Oh dear! Since you're ready to consult the dentist, i thought you are in ready mood to go for it?

I knew, their hestitation is money, and only money. Since you're concern the treatment frees, when don't you just honest to me? I can help. Oh! Sorry. I should say we can help you. We will try our best to settle your concern.

Allowed me to share with you my story.

A middle age man who plans to have 10 implants done. After he consulted dentist, he said HE WILL CALL FOR APPOINTMENT AFTER HE CONSIDERED. Hmmm... with my "curious personality", i chatted with him. He told me that he has no confidence to us and he felt that the price is a little bit expensive. I was like "hahaha...", then i asked him to take a seat. I show him a lot of photos that we have taken for our patients. Neither for implants nor other cosmetic cases. As what i aspected, i rebuilt his confidence to us.

On the other hand, i informed dentist about the price. After we do a adjustment for the cost, finally he agree with it. And he booked appointment with us for implants surgery.

As what i told you, we will try our best to solve your problems.

Everyone also know smoking is not good for health. There's 25 ways to stop smoking cigarettes and ways to quit smoking for good can help you towards a healthier, smoke-free life.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Girl, please behave yourself

Since i was sensible, my family upbringing was bein g taught by my parents. "You're a girl, cannot like this" or "you're a girl, cannot like that", i heard this since i was a little girl.

Three months ago, i received a phone call from her, Ms. Chan who enquired about extraction and dentures. I shouldn't use "a phone call" because she called up to enquired five times before she come to see dentist. On the fifth call, she asked me one funny question before she end the call. She said "why you know so many things ar?" .... Oh well, such a good question.

For the first appointment, dentist was advised her to extract all upper teeth and replace with denture or implants. As a result of their "budget" for dental treatment, she forced to do denture to replace her missing teeth. Because her fiance and her plans to get married on next year.

*Please refer to the picture*
During her appointment days, all the while she was acting like that. She actually can get it done within one month. But, due her "kiasi" level up to the maximun, she decided to extract in two months time.

The most funniest was when her fiance take care of her in dental room and requested for two pack of painkillers for her. They are so much loving each other until they treated the dentist and the assistant as in transparent. After the extraction, i gave her one pack of painkillers. But he requested another one pack. I wonder how pain is that? Have to take so many painkillers to stop the pain?

P/S: Above picture is not the real person. It's just a example to show her actions.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Be consideration

When you feel it's the time to pamper yourself, you will go to shop for it. For example, I will go to hair salon to have a hair treatment or spa and beauty treatment, and also manicures and pedicures. Everyone would love to shop for the goodies.

Do you ever think of shop for dental stuffs? Mr Qiang Li is the first patient that i ever seen who look for dental stuff every 3 months. Every 3 months, he will visit our clinic to buy for the goodies. Such as the CJ dental floss (from Korea), DENTISTE toothpaste (from Thailand), supplements and etc. He is such a good patient. And today, i will be meeting him again. Hopefully today will be a good day.

Yesterday everything was going smoothly. Nearly 12.30 pm, suddenly pop up one patient. She looks so familiar. Yes, she is the one who booked appointment at 10 am but didnt turn up. "Sorry. I am so so so sorry. I am late", she came in and appologise to us. "It's okay. By the way, you have to wait for a while. Dentist went out for lunch", i replied. "But i am in hurry. How long do i still need to wait?" "You probably need to wait about 30 min" i said. She was unhappy. She suggested to me that i shall give him a call to let him know she is here. Such a selfish young lady.

Should i ask her to make an appointment for another day? I think i should come out with some ideas, to teach them a lesson. Be consideration, respect others' lunch time.