Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Girl, please behave yourself

Since i was sensible, my family upbringing was bein g taught by my parents. "You're a girl, cannot like this" or "you're a girl, cannot like that", i heard this since i was a little girl.

Three months ago, i received a phone call from her, Ms. Chan who enquired about extraction and dentures. I shouldn't use "a phone call" because she called up to enquired five times before she come to see dentist. On the fifth call, she asked me one funny question before she end the call. She said "why you know so many things ar?" .... Oh well, such a good question.

For the first appointment, dentist was advised her to extract all upper teeth and replace with denture or implants. As a result of their "budget" for dental treatment, she forced to do denture to replace her missing teeth. Because her fiance and her plans to get married on next year.

*Please refer to the picture*
During her appointment days, all the while she was acting like that. She actually can get it done within one month. But, due her "kiasi" level up to the maximun, she decided to extract in two months time.

The most funniest was when her fiance take care of her in dental room and requested for two pack of painkillers for her. They are so much loving each other until they treated the dentist and the assistant as in transparent. After the extraction, i gave her one pack of painkillers. But he requested another one pack. I wonder how pain is that? Have to take so many painkillers to stop the pain?

P/S: Above picture is not the real person. It's just a example to show her actions.