Saturday, November 7, 2009

Talk to me

Why do you need to see dentist? 70% of them are coming for regular checkup. Wow! We really have a lot of good patients. Oh well, another 30% of them are having problems with their teeth.

Let's talk about the 30% patients. When dentist quoted them a price, most of them are always in "hestitation mood". Why? They are giving excuses such as i will give you a call when i am ready, i need to check my schedule first, i want to ask around first, i have to ask my husband / wife / mother / father first, i have to consider and so on. Oh dear! Since you're ready to consult the dentist, i thought you are in ready mood to go for it?

I knew, their hestitation is money, and only money. Since you're concern the treatment frees, when don't you just honest to me? I can help. Oh! Sorry. I should say we can help you. We will try our best to settle your concern.

Allowed me to share with you my story.

A middle age man who plans to have 10 implants done. After he consulted dentist, he said HE WILL CALL FOR APPOINTMENT AFTER HE CONSIDERED. Hmmm... with my "curious personality", i chatted with him. He told me that he has no confidence to us and he felt that the price is a little bit expensive. I was like "hahaha...", then i asked him to take a seat. I show him a lot of photos that we have taken for our patients. Neither for implants nor other cosmetic cases. As what i aspected, i rebuilt his confidence to us.

On the other hand, i informed dentist about the price. After we do a adjustment for the cost, finally he agree with it. And he booked appointment with us for implants surgery.

As what i told you, we will try our best to solve your problems.

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