Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't ever lie...

Does anyone tell you that your nose will get bigger when you lie? I guess you heard this when you're still a kid. Your parents or teachers doesn't want you to tell lie to them. Well, i think even if you tell lie, you're safe. The only character in history to have this happen was Pinnochio, the wooden puppet. It only happens to wooden boys like Pinocchio.

Anyway, use Pinocchio the main point in your life - Not to tell lie to people or not to be a liar. Do you know that bad things happen when you lie?

I hope he will be fine after he tell lie to us. He, the indonesia business man came to visit us with his wife. He told us that he is not gonna stay in Singapore for a long period. He said "tomorrow i will fly off, i seldom stay Singapore. I am always OVERSEA". I thought i will only see him after few months. Who knows the next two days, he called up and make appointment with us. He claimed that he feel sensitive with his tooth. Oh okay! I got it. Another liar patients who loves to say they are oversea.

An insufficient justification is unacceptable. We have quite a number of patients who cannot missed the appointment. Their reasons are always the same, for example, [Sorry, I don't think i can make it. I am going to oversea.] or [Oh my god! I am so sorry about that. I am at oversea now. I have forgotten to inform you. I will call back when i go back to Singapore.] How many of them is really out station?

Last but not least, i hope that you don't ever lie; someone will eventually find out the truth!