Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Be consideration

When you feel it's the time to pamper yourself, you will go to shop for it. For example, I will go to hair salon to have a hair treatment or spa and beauty treatment, and also manicures and pedicures. Everyone would love to shop for the goodies.

Do you ever think of shop for dental stuffs? Mr Qiang Li is the first patient that i ever seen who look for dental stuff every 3 months. Every 3 months, he will visit our clinic to buy for the goodies. Such as the CJ dental floss (from Korea), DENTISTE toothpaste (from Thailand), supplements and etc. He is such a good patient. And today, i will be meeting him again. Hopefully today will be a good day.

Yesterday everything was going smoothly. Nearly 12.30 pm, suddenly pop up one patient. She looks so familiar. Yes, she is the one who booked appointment at 10 am but didnt turn up. "Sorry. I am so so so sorry. I am late", she came in and appologise to us. "It's okay. By the way, you have to wait for a while. Dentist went out for lunch", i replied. "But i am in hurry. How long do i still need to wait?" "You probably need to wait about 30 min" i said. She was unhappy. She suggested to me that i shall give him a call to let him know she is here. Such a selfish young lady.

Should i ask her to make an appointment for another day? I think i should come out with some ideas, to teach them a lesson. Be consideration, respect others' lunch time.