Monday, November 2, 2009

Premium Calls

Seriously, recently there was too much annoying phone calls from people. Let me tell you what's made me feel so irritated. "Hello, i just want to enquire ya! I am planing to do root canal treatment and crown. I know it is very expensive. I don't have much money. So, can i use Medisave to pay for it?" or "Hello, i just want to ask lah, how much you charge for filling? Wah lao eh! Why so expensive? I went there before you know. Last time your doctor only charge me $20. Now you charge me $80. By the way, can i use medisave to pay for it har?". I felt so increadible. To be honest, i wanted to ask her, nowadays, 90's over centuries, where to get $20 for a filling?

We are conducting day surgery in our clinic. This is true if you are enquire about dental implant or wisdom tooth surgery can be covered by Medisave. Only surgery can be claim by Medisave. Some patients even asked me what is surgery. They might not understand if i tell them it is operation. So, i would rather choose to tell them "cutting your gum". I am so sorry to say that. With my very limited knowledge, other than surgery and operation, i don't even know how to describe it.

It was happened this morning. This lady called up and enquired about denture. Well, it happened that she was not in front of me. I hope she could see my expressions when she was on the phone talking to me. "Hello, i just want to enquire huh! I see through your website, is denture can claim by Medisave?" As i know, our officially website are construe clearly that only surgery can be claim by Medisave. Making a denture is also a part of surgery? I told her, "no, only surgery can use Medisave." She asked, "how much do you charge for full denture?" "It is depends. The price is start from $250.00 and above." I purposely asked her how many missing teeth that she wants to do for the denture. She said, "not sure." Well, that's would be a good answer. She was asking for FULL DENTURE and now she told me she's not sure she had how many missing teeth. After all, she questioned me that how much is the plate of denture and how much is per tooth.

From the beginging that i was assumed that she might calling from other dental clinic, to check up our price for denture. 99% of our patients called up enquire about denture, they will never ever ask about the plate and how much we gonna charge per tooth. Wow wow wow! She has done a good job!

Today she taught me a lesson. I will be more and more aware to certain phone calls.